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Our Caring Team Members
Consider It a Privilege To Help Our
Area Senior Citizens By Providing Quality Services:

  • In Home Personal Assistance

  • Companionship

  • Housekeeping

  • Meal Preparation

  • Laundry Services (Clothes & Bed Linens)

  • Case Management Services

  • Running of Errands

  • Assistance with Appointments

  • Grocery/Personal Shopping

  • Medication Reminders

  • Post Operative Non-Skilled Services (while recuperating)

  • Periodic or up to 24/7 Care

  • Respite (Temporary) Care

Call for more information about our services. Our management Team and Service Providers are available 24/7. We are always ready to help you with new care startup and assistance.
717-363-4913 (Lewistown Area)
814-321-2145 (State College Area)

The familiarity of home provides a sense of security- a sense of well-being that is beneficial to both physical and emotional health. The many and varied services we provide are all designed to meet your needs. We are available to be both an Advocate and a Resource for you.

What to Know about our Individualized Care Plans

1. Oversight

IHS has a Caregiver Supervisor who oversees all caregivers and a Client Services Coordinator, who routinely visits homes or calls to make sure clients are happy with their services.

2. Care plan

Our nurses strive to develop an individualized care plan for our caregivers to reference in order to provide the best in home care services.

3. Scheduling

Our scheduling staff, under the leadership of our Scheduling Supervisor, create and oversee the schedule 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

4. Starting Services

We strive to achieve what we call “relational scheduling” because we understand the benefits of establishing consistent relationships.

5. Changing or Cancelling Services

If you determine that a Caregiver is not an appropriate match for you, please notify our office.We will be happy to provide a different caregiver.

6. Overnight Care

Should you need overnight care, please note that our caregivers remain awake at all times while on duty during the night shift.

7. Communications with the Office

All communications about your care and schedule goes through the management staff at the office.

8. Transportation

Clients may choose to have their caregiver run errands and one additional day for medical appointments.

9. Tobacco Use

Caregivers are not permitted to smoke or use tobacco products while on duty.

10. Caregiver Identification

For your protection, all caregivers are required to wear a picture identification badge and will be professionally dressed according to the agency policy.

11. Infection Control

Currently, during the Covid pandemic (2020), all caregivers are required to wear a face mask when working in the home.Gloves are to be worn when handling body fluids and when cleaning potentially contaminated surfaces.Continuing education and reminders about Covid care are provided to all caregivers.

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