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Client Testimonials

"Your job is hard and I appreciate you! My client is thriving at home because of YOU!"

"You were the " classiest " agency that I spoke to regarding services for my Father."


"The Leadership Staff and Caregivers that make up 'In Home Services of Central PA' are Outstanding!"

"Excellent Service! Reliable! Well-trained!"


"Thank you so much, especially to the caregivers - they gave my mom exceptional care and comfort during such an extremely difficult time.​ Thank you!​"


"Thank you for the help that was given during Ron's ailment - our caregiver was very kind and helpful."

The Ron Conner Family

"We want to thank you for everything you did for us with our mother. We wouldn't have been able to do it without you! You did a fabulous job and thanks again!"

Donna Hall

"Thank you – greatly appreciate the help on short notice!"

A Satisfied Client

"Thank you so much for the care that was given to my father. When your Service Providers were taking care of my dad I could just relax because I knew he was getting excellent care!"

A Satisfied Client

"Excellent service - Reliable, well-trained, compassionate, and patient."

The Reids

"It was great! The care In Home Services provides is wonderful. We have no complaints."

The Adams

"I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful job Sarah Yoder has done for me. The computer problems that had driven me crazy for a week disappeared in a flash when she sat down at the keyboard. I especially appreciate her patience in explaining things to me - even when I ask the same question more than once. She is a delight to work with. Thank you!" 

A Satisfied Client

"I want to extend my sincere thanks to the staff at In Home Services Of Central PA for their wonderful support and extensive services which they provide to my mother. It is important to honor my mother’s wishes that she remain in her home. It is also important to keep her safe, secure and happy. Your caregivers fulfilled her needs and were kind, patient and great companions. Your nursing staff was  exceptional for keeping track of my mother’s medications and monitoring her healthcare. I truly appreciate your frequent communication and updates on her daily activities and health issues. My mother has also established a positive emotional bond with your staff. The daily care which you provide to my mother has improved her life. Thank you for all of your efforts." 

Tom Broeren

"The caregivers at In Home Services are well trained, likable and good people."

Betty Pacholski

"Thank you for your Quailty Service. My Service Provider was awesome!"

A Satisfied Client

"Over the past two years I have experienced a decline in my ability to do some tasks. In the spring

of 2013 I realized that I would not be able to clean and set up my porch for the season. A call to In Home Services Of Central Pennsylvania provided the needed help to do the job. This experience led to having the agency clean my home monthly, as well as doing some seasonal cleaning tasks. Most recently, I needed personal care and companionship.

"Once again, In Home Services stepped forth and met my needs. Thank you In Home Services of Central Pennsylvania for making my life easier."

Carlene Hack

"My mom is eighty-seven years young, still lives alone, and because of her short term memory loss, IHS provides care for her. One evening the phone rang and my mom answered. The evening caregiver quickly realized it wasn’t family, but not before my mom gave out some personal information. The caregiver acted quickly, intercepting the call and confirmed it was indeed a scam. The caller threatened to hack all my mom’s accounts unless she sent money. He hung up abruptly on the caregiver and when she tried star 69, the number, of course, was no longer in service. The caregiver quickly called another of my mom’s care providers, and between them, they called the family and reported the scam to the state police.


"Early the next morning the family was able to close all accounts, bank, credit cards etc., change

the phone number and have it unlisted. Sadly, my mom had the same phone number for 65 years.


"We would like to thank the IHS girls for quick action and averting what could have been an even

larger problem. Just one more way IHS shows they care. Thank you In Home Services."


Jane Wolfgang Price & Family

David Wolfgang & Family

Jim Wolfgang & Family

"My Service Provider is well trained, arrives on time, and is always helpful and willing to assist whenever needed."

A Satisfied Client

"Imagine my surprise when one morning I called In Home Services of Central PA in regard to services for my Mother, and Kenton Stuck, Founder and CEO, answered my call. I called before the office was open and was pleasantly surprised to talk to Kenton. I told him, 'Your Company is the Agency to use, and how happy we are with your services. Without In Home Services of Central PA, it would be impossible for my Mother to stay in her own home.'"

Jane Wolfgang Price

"I would highly recommend In Home Services Of Central PA. My mother and sister needed help with their lawn mowing this past summer. My mother is elderly, and my sister, who normally does the moving for her, needed surgery and was unable to mow. I called In Home Services. The staff members were caring and very helpful. The man that they chose to provide the lawn care was very reliable, responsible and professional about his work. He did a wonderful job!


"I can't say enough about how good he was to my family! We were very pleased. I would certainly use this service in the future. I believe it is highly needed in this community!"


A Satisfied Customer

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