Caregiver Testimonials

"I love working for this company."


"In 12 years of being a Caregiver, I have worked for quite a few agencies, but I have never felt as appreciated at any other agency as I do at In Home Services of Central PA!"

"Office personnel are great! They actually care about the caregivers, as well as the clients. Finally a job I love!"

"I am beyond blessed to have this job. Everyone in the Office has been so kind and caring. This is an amazing company and I am so lucky to be part of it."

Chloe (Service Provider)


"I enjoy making a difference in people’s lives and putting a smile on my client's face. Offering my companionship is the least I can do for the wonderful people I’ve come to know."

Amanda (Service Provider)

"Being a caregiver for IHS is a meaningful experience. We take the time to listen to the clients, and we're there any time of day when they need our help because they come first."

Anna (Service Provider)

"I am truly grateful to have a job I enjoy, and an opportunity to help others in there time of need. Love makes the world go round. We all will take a turn at hard times, the good Lord appreciates us when we pay it forward. There's more happiness in giving then receiving - Kindness always matters."

Carol (Service Provider)

"The flexibility that this job offers is great with having 2 young children, and the clients are wonderful!"

Nicole (CNA)

"I love being a Caregiver at IHS because there is great pride in helping others."

Mandy (Service Provider)

"I love this job because it gives me the opportunity to help people."

Taeler (Service Provider)

"I'm thankful for the job that I have with In Home Services - I love what I do, love the clients that I work with. It's an amazing job!"

Jestina (Service Provider)

"I love being a Caregiver because I love helping people who may otherwise have no one to help them."

Billie Jo (Service Provider)

"I enjoy being a Caregiver because at the end of the day, I know I have made a difference in someone's life."

Eleni (Service Provider)

"I like being a Caregiver with IHS because of the Clients and the flexibility."

Mary (Service Provider)

"I love being a Caregiver at IHS because I have the opportunity to change someone's life for the better."

Denise (Service Provider)

"I love making my client's smile when they are having a bad or don't have anything to smile about."

Heather (Service Provider)

"This job is very rewarding."

Mia (CNA)

"Senior Citizens hold a special place in my heart because of the wealth of knowledge and wisdom that they have obtained from a lifetime of experiences. They have so much to teach future generations, yet it saddens me that our society rarely takes the time to listen. I was impressed by In Home Services because of their sincere commitment to compassionate care. The members of the In Home Services team are very genuine people that care deeply about both their clients and their team members. I am very thankful for the meaningful work that In Home Services has provided for me - it has been a joy to serve alongside such a dedicated team."

Sarah (Business Operations Assistant)