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Ken Stuck, Founder & CEO

          In Home Services of Central PA, a State Licensed Home Care Agency, was started based on my passion for helping senior citizens. We at In Home Services of Central PA consider it a privilege to help senior citizens in Centre, Mifflin, Huntingdon, and Juniata counties, and we strive to “Make Life Easier” by providing a Multitude of Quality, “In-Home” services. I am so proud of all who make up our team of leadership personnel, caregivers, CNA’s, and housekeepers at In-Home Services of Central PA, and I feel very blessed to have such a wonderful team in place. Together, we are committed to providing the best in service.

          Home Care, also referred to as Personal Care, Unskilled Care, Non-Clinical Care, and Companion Care helps people with activities of daily living, provides assistance with appointments and running errands, provides companionship, helps with household chores and provides medication reminders. Home Care can be paid privately, by some long-term insurance policies, by the State Aging Waiver Program for those who qualify financially and can also be paid through the Veterans Administration. In Home Services of Central PA is approved to serve Aging Waiver Clients and our Veterans.

          Home Care and Home Health are often referred to in the same way. However, the two programs are not the same. Home Health is also known as Medical Care, Clinical Care and Formal Care and this type of care often involve Medicare-certified services, rehabilitation, therapeutic care and/or assistive home health care. These services are provided by nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and other skilled medical professionals. More specifically, Home Health services are: administering medication and injections, medical tests, skilled nursing, health status monitoring, wound care, pain management, IV therapy, short-term nursing, therapeutic and rehabilitation care. Home Health may be covered under Medicare when prescribed by a doctor, by Medicaid for individuals who financially qualify, or you can choose to pay privately when Home Health is not prescribed.

          In Home Services of Central PA is licensed by the State to provide Home Care Services and is inspected by the State to assure compliance with all rules and regulations pertaining to Home Care. Since we are an Aging Waiver Provider, we are also inspected by the State to assure compliance with all Aging Waiver Program rules and regulations.

          A growing trend is to see senior citizens continue to stay in their homes. Aging in Place is a desire of many senior citizens including my parents. I established In Home Services of Central PA because of my parents and many of their friends with whom I have great memories growing up. I see everything through my parents’ eyes. As a healthcare professional with over 38 years of healthcare experience in all aspects of senior healthcare, I want to see senior citizens stay in their homes which they have enjoyed for many years. I chose to start a company that fulfills my passion and honors my parent's wishes. For me, home care is very personal.

          One might consider Home Care for older adults who need assistance with activities of daily living ranging from grooming to meal prep, who do not drive and require transportation, who live alone and may be at risk for social isolation and need/want companionship.

          Home Care and Home Health can work together to benefit senior citizens. For example, combining both services can help a senior citizen after a hospitalization. The Home Health staff can address clinical and rehabilitation needs, while the Home Care staff can help with personal care needs and household chores.

          Home Care provides many benefits such as comfort, personalized care, faster recovery, one on one attention, cost-effectiveness peace of mind, independence, companionship, family involvement, and pet ownership.

          The primary benefit of Home Care is staying in the place that is most comfortable and familiar. One can sleep in their own bed and continue daily routines. Being in a familiar surrounding can be very beneficial for those suffering from conditions such as dementia. Instead of adjusting to the schedules and routines of a health care facility, Home Care is designed to offer a personalized, individualized, plan of care. Home Care adapts to the individual receiving the service.

          Research shows that patients tend to recover from a surgery or an illness faster and more successfully in the comfort of home. Hospital readmissions tend to be fewer when Home Care is involved.

          Since Home Care is very personal, the person receiving care is the primary focus of the caregiver providing the desired care. At In Home Services of Central PA, we strive to make our clients safe, comfortable, and the center of our attention. We focus on one on one care versus being responsible for several clients at one time.

          Home Care rates are charged by the hour. This flexibility of service can allow for expenses to be cost-effective. At In Home Services of Central PA, we can provide these hours of service routinely, or we can provide 24/7 care if needed. Some of our care cases involve Respite Care which is temporary care when a person’s primary caregiver needs to be relieved from service.

          Peace of mind is something we want for ourselves and for the people we love. Home Care can provide peace of mind knowing that one is not alone.

          Loss of independence is a concern for senior citizens. An advantage of Home Care is the ability to help keep control of many aspects of one’s life such as when to eat when to sleep when to socialize. Home Care can provide help with appointments and personal errands for those senior citizens who cannot drive.

          Isolation and loneliness can lead to a decline in health. A Caregiver provides a familiar, friendly face with meaningful interactions- all of which has a positive impact on health and well-being.

          Family involvement is important. At In Home Services of Central PA, our Nurse Case Manager, Kim Knepp with over 18 years of nursing experience, is in our clients’ homes daily facilitating positive relationships and outstanding communication between our clients, family members, and our team members. Good communication and monitoring are essential.

          Regarding pet ownership, the ability to stay at home can mean not having to give up a relationship with your special pet. Pet companionship has been shown to ease loneliness, reduce heart disease, and calm people with dementia. At In Home Services of Central PA, we help both our clients and their pets allowing that special bond to continue.

           The caring team of leadership staff, caregivers, CNA’s and housekeepers at In Home Services of Central PA recognizes the benefits of Home Care, and we love what we do. We are committed to providing quality Home Care services and outstanding customer service. Our staff is well trained, well screened, insured and bonded.

          Mark Von Stein, RN, MN, is our Executive VP of Client Services. Mark has over 35 years in healthcare management/nursing. Mark was a Captain with the United States Air Force and has served on the faculties of various universities and hospital systems. Martha Kipp, a nurse with over 50 years of experience, is our Staff Development Coordinator. In addition, Kelsey Erb is or Scheduling Coordinator, and she does a great job in working with our staff to fulfill our clients’ needs. Mark, Martha, Kelsey, and Kim Knepp, our Case Manager, make up the Client Services Management Team. Michelle Cook along with Shawna Conaway do an excellent job regarding Business Operations.

          I want to stay in my home as long as I can, and I want my parents to stay in their home as long as they can. As previously stated, home care is very personal to me, and I am so fortunate to be surrounded by such a Team of wonderful people that truly do care and that share my passion.

          For more information about the quality services provided by In Home Services of Central PA, please call us at 814-321-2145 or 717-363-4913 and/or visit our website: We are here to help our senior citizens.


                                                                                      Submitted by

                                                                                      Ken Stuck, NHA

                                                                                      Founder and CEO

                                                                                      In Home Services of Central PA

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